FrizDisc (Patent pending)

(Patent pending)

In a world of everchanging agricultural challenges, our product is indispensable for meeting high demands of efficiency and economy.

FrizDisc is a specially designed foamed plate protecting your plant against weeds. However, weed protection is not its only possible advantage. Its design gives it special versatility, making it ideal for shading, improved thermal insulation, efficient irrigation, and better plant stability, to name a few.

Cost effective and labor saving!

  • Thermal insulation protection against heat or freezing temperatures.
  • Easy handling.
  • Adjustable and flexible solution - stays in place for as long as needed.
  • Saves water & fertilizer.


Weed-free soil!

The equation:

No light goes through = no weed germination

No weed germination = no need for weeding or to use herbicides

No weed germination = Less pests and diseases in the nursery

No weed germination = better growth!

No weed germination = reduced labor required for weeding


 Watering and Water Issues

Easy water flow.

Holds water up to 300% of its weight, keeping your soil moist for better growth.

Very good balanced water dispersion.

Keeps bedding in place and prevents it from flying away by wind or watering.

Saves water and fertilization.


 Material & Shape

Ensures air & water transmittance without letting light go through.

Inert sterile recycled material – no effect on the soil's composition. Odorless.

Thermal insulation protection against heat or freezing temperatures.

Any shape, size and color to fit your needs.

Adjustable diameter for various applications and needs.

Can contain other active materials for extra effects.


 Handling & Storage

Store in proper storage conditions. Open the notch on the disk and place the stem in its middle. Press gently.