Organic Substance For Optimal Plant Growth


Compressed, sterile organic product produced from a special combination of straws from various cereal plants.

FrizBeads™ is manufactured under a special process that creates it’s unique properties:

  • Holds water up to 400%, by weight
  • Better root system development:
    • Keeps soil moist and water available to the root system for a longer time.
    • Improves soil aeration and air availability to the roots
    • Soil enrichment  
  • pH 6.2-6.4
  • Odorless
  • Fully organic
  • Sterile.
  • Ability to add fertilization and /or pesticides.





  • Create the planting hole.
  • Take 7-10% FrizBeads™ by weight from the estimated volume of the hole.
  • Place the beads at the bottom of the hole where you are about to put the root ball.
  • Optional: Create a “ring” around the root ball bottom
  • Put the plant and cover.