treeTube (Patent pending)


TreeTube is a modular root structure system designed to enable the growth of healthy trees in urban environments:

  • Non-compressed soil & substrate to enable healthy root system development
  • Improved water availability by designated water system and good drainage.
  • Unique aeration system – cost effective
  • Directing roots to develop in the desired direction without impacting sidewalk and infrastructure.
  • No pavement sinking + reducing sidewalk repair due to root damage.
  • Moderate & controlled root system temperature
  • Applying to relevant loading standards.
  • Good compatibility with urban infrastructure – modular and adjustable system
  • Easy to apply (“stupid proof”)


benefits of trees in urban environment

The TreeTube system aims to provide landscape & infrastructure architects the possibility to supply optimal growing conditions for trees in urban environments, with almost no need to add constraints in design; and it can be applied in different lengths, diameters and orientations.


TreeTube is made of plastics and steel, making it a light, easy to handle and install system.