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Preventing Weed Germination

The FrizDisc is a specially designed foamed plate protecting your plant against weeds. However, weed protection is not its only possible advantage. Its design gives it special versatility, making it ideal for shading, improved thermal insulation, efficient irrigation, and better plant stability, to name a few.


Organic Substance For Optimal Plant Growth

Organic Substance For Optimal Plant Growth
Organic beads which create a phase separation crust, in order to prevent germination, and improve conditions and moisture control for better plant growth.



Constructing an Urban Forest

The TreeTube modular system developed in order to prevent the failure of  trees to grow in streets due to the fact that they are usually surrounded by hard surfaces and have limited sub-surface rooting spaces, which both hinder healthy and sustainable tree growth.


Optimal Moisture And Growth Conditions

A unique foamed mat that provides improved properties and has several derivatives to meet different requirements: reflectivity or other relevant colors, controlled flexibility rate (watermelons, strawberries, nurseries etc.), controlled moisture rate, and easy incorporation of required slow release additives.



Temperature Reduction, Increased Sunlight Reflection

Temperature Reduction, Increased Sunlight Reflection
A unique reflective mulch, that prevents weed germination, reduces temperature, reflects sun rays and improves growth.


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